International Conferences
New. From October 1, for authors who attract new authors to us with an article – 20% discount.

The 13th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Science and Society” was held in London on 27-30 August 2018 (Westbere Rd, London NW4 2RT, UK). On the issue of full-time participation in conferences, contact


7th the International Scientific-Practical Conference “Education Transformation Issues” 27-29 December 2018. 
Applications for participation are accepted until December 29, 2018.

The collection is peer reviewed, published in UK.

The cost of publication from 4000 RUB for the article.

All participants send electronic certificates in English.

SCIEURO Publishing places collections of conferences and monographs in the following bibliographic databases:

  • The British Library
  • WEB OF SCIENCE, We place articles in the Conference Digest only in the ORCID API (Application Programming Interface).
  • Elibrary
  • In libraries of the largest universities of the world (Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Wales. Dublin) – only printed versions of collections and monographs.
    International Scientific Citation Base AGRIS.

Unique opportunities for authors

1) New: Preparation and sending to SCOPUS of monographs (books) published in our publishing house (English language). The cost of 20,000 RUB (print).

2) New: Placement of monographs (published in SCIEURO Publishing) in the Nielsen database (for the future sale of the monograph).

3) “SCIEURO Publishing” also finds a journal for the authors and prepares an article for publication in the indexed journals SCOPUS, Web of Science. The cost of our services for the selection of the magazine and the preparation of articles from $ 950 (Q1 -Q4).

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Payment by installments for 3-4 months is possible.