• Since the end of 2017, a new contract has been concluded with RINC and all publications from October 2017 will be made in the form of conference proceedings.
  • 09/06/17. Dear authors, we offer new services for posting your articles in the journals Web of Science, Scopus on the topics of your research.
  • 23.01.17. Dear authors, together with Thomson Reuters (Wev of Science – Orcid) became members of the API ORCID.
  • 10.09.16. Dear authors, in the bibliographic databases of universities and libraries of Great Britain, other libraries of the world, you can find your publications by the ISBN number. We regularly maintain contact with universities, which are listed on our homepage. Also we are sent a report see Legal deposit acknowledgment
  • Since June 2016, articles have been published in magazines whose names correspond to the names of conferences:
    1 Education Transformation Issues, 2 Science and Society, 3 Science and Technology, 4 Science and Humanity, 5 Recent trends in Science and Technology management
  • All collections can now be found online at universities in Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, Dublin. To do this, it is necessary to click on the ISBN number in the ORCID, for example link The collections are placed not immediately, but after a while.
    Dear authors! We introduce a system of discounts: when a publication is repeated, the discount for the publication of the article, without a printed version of the collection, is 10%. Discount accumulative (up to 30%).