Cost of publication

The cost of publication is 4000 Russian rubles. The cost includes: reviewing, publication of the article in electronic form, posting in the RISC, Web of SCIENCE (ORCID).

In the libraries of Great Britain, the largest universities in the world (see the main page), only the printed version of the journal is placed.

The cost of a printed copy of the magazine and its delivery is:

– 1500 Russian rubles (the cost includes printing in the UK, customs procedures, mail delivery). See the example IMG_2563

Each additional copy – 1000 rubles.

In the application, mark the need for a printed copy of the journal.

Payment is possible on a settlement account in Russian rubles, euro, US dollars, electronic payment systems WM, Yandex-money.

WM purse number – R292350918408

Yandex money – 41001220823856

Any money transfer systems.

In electronic form, the journal is sent to the contact e-mail address specified in the application.

Printed version of the magazine is sent only to participants who paid the cost of printing.

The receipt for payment of the organizational fee and delivery of a printed copy of the journal is sent to the participant in case the article is approved for publication.

The period for consideration of the article is 2-15 working days. Co-authorship in articles is limited to 4 authors.

Please click the link for the application form.

Applications and texts of articles are submitted electronically in the form posted on our website in the format WinWord (* .doc) to the address: