SCIEURO Publishing places journals and monographs in the following bibliographic databases:

  • The British Library
  • On Thomson Reuters, WEB OF SCIENCE,
  • The largest universities in the world (Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Wales, Dublin) — only printed versions
  • Agric

On the issue of publishing monographs, write to

For each author of the journal an electronic certificate of the participant is provided without fail (in English).

10th International Scientific Conference Science and Society 24-29 May 2017

The magazine is published in the UK. Imprint of the UK.

Applications for participation are accepted until May 29, 2017. Accepted articles see here.

For the cost of publication, see Payment. Since March 2017, the cost of publication is 5000 rubles.

For the preparation of the article, see Requirements for articles.

The working language is English, Russian. Requirements for articles see here.

The journal is multi-disciplinary. Articles are accepted for all specialties that are related to scientific publications and will be of interest to the scientific community.

Applications and texts of articles are submitted electronically:

Within 2-7 working days after receipt of the article, a decision is made to approve or reject the application for publication in the journal.

The journals are assigned to the ISBN of Great Britain. The copies are sent to:

The British Library
The University Library, Cambridge
The Bodleian Library, Oxford
The National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh
The National Library of Wales (Aberystwyth)
Library of Trinity College, Dublin (The Library of Trinity College, Dublin)
Magazines and monographs on the interlibrary loan system will be available in 170 universities in the UK: COPAC, SANCAT, SCONUL, SALSER, CAIRNS, and the US Library of Congress, to which the British Library is connected. Thus, the materials of the magazines will be available around the world. Magazines with articles are placed in the largest international citation databases.

SCIEURO Publishing is a partner in the UK: The Assemblage for Sience Education (ASE) The Royal Economic Society (RES) The British Psychological Society (BPS) The Political Studies Association (PSA)